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Kick-Ass: The Game coming to PS3 and iPhone


The not-so-super heroes of the upcoming movie, Kick-Ass, are brawling their way to two platforms: iPhone and PlayStation 3. Like the movie, the game adaptation follows the adventures of ordinary people who decide to dress up in costumes and fight crime ... in the goriest way possible.

While we're getting a Watchmen: The End is Nigh vibe from the entire project, Kick-Ass does bring some innovation to the table. The press release promises an "unsurpassed integration of Facebook and Twitter to the PSN Network," making it the first game ever announced to take advantage of PS3's Facebook feature in a way that's more meaningful than syncing your Trophies and PlayStation Store purchases. It appears Facebook will play a vital role in the game, with the official site promising "Facebook missions."

Kick-Ass: The Game is expected to release on April 15th, the same day as the film. You can check a trailer for the movie after the break -- and if you're not at work, you can catch the uncensored red band trailer on Youtube.

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