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New MLB 2K10 media takes the mound


Baseball fans still have about a month before the sport returns to stadiums and televisions across the nation, but this latest footage from MLB 2K10 should at least satiate your need for a virtual recreation of America's pasttime in the meantime. 2K Sports has pitched over a nine-minute chunk of gameplay between the New York Mets and Chicago Cubs, showing off the cleaner version of the pitcher's interface and the familiar fielding system of the last few iterations.

Then there's the new My Player mode, which allows you to create a player from scratch and follow his lifetime career. By completing certain goal-oriented tasks in the Minors, you'll then get called up to the Major leagues -- and once there, you'll find even more career milestones to work towards. Do well enough with your created Joe Schmoe and you'll find yourself unlocking milestones that put him on the track to be the next entrant into the Hall of Fame.

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