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Android-powered GoGear Connect PMP debuted in new, Godzilla-sized form factor


We're used to seeing some ho-hum units with the GoGear name, so we were pleasantly surprised to hear (well, read) that Philips was getting much more ambitious for its upcoming GoGear Connect line of PMPs. Plans are said to include the Android 2.1 OS, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and extensive skinning that plays up the media player / navigation device angle. Although there's no cellular connectivity herein, there is a speaker and mic for some VoIP action, alongside haptic feedback for the touchscreen display, a memory card slot, rear-facing camera of unknown resolution, up to 64GB storage, and DivX/XviD support. Neither price nor release date has been confirmed (though Q3 2010 is a possibility, according to SlashGear). Indeed, we haven't even seen one of the units, even in prototype form -- but there is an amusing King Kong-scale device running the OS in the video demonstration, which means they definitely have designs on the monster movie demographic. Check it out after the break.

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