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Aperture 3.0.1 available now in Software Update


Although Aperture 3 introduced a lot of new features, it also introduced a lot of bugs. Apple's support forums have been abuzz with reports of memory leaks and issues with the new Faces functionality. Aperture 3.0.1 has arrived in Software Update, and Apple's support document for the update details several fixes for its flagship photo-processing program. Hopefully it addresses the two biggest issues users have faced: virtual memory growing out of control and consuming all free space on the hard drive, and Aperture libraries being invisible in Media Sharing if Faces is activated.

Let us know how your update goes in the comments.

UPDATE: Many users are saying that if you are running the unactivated trial version of Aperture 3, Software Update will fail to install the update. Instead, you'll have to re-download the complete Aperture 3 trial, which has itself been updated to 3.0.1.

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