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Develop: One third of devs aren't satisfied their wage covers cost of living


Given the current economic climate, most of us go to bed praying we'll have a job in the morning. However, what's a job when you can't live off the wage? Develop's salary survey found that nearly 36 percent of developers aren't satisfied that their income covers their cost of living.

Of course, given the immense variety of jobs, locations and lifestyles that people can have, grasping exactly what that statistic represents isn't easy. For example, a Junior QA, scraping by on an average $23,000 annual salary, is likely having a fairly rough time no matter where they live. However, a studio head, making an average of $106,000, could also be struggling -- with a coke, hooker and ego habit. It's all relative.

Over 400 industry members from around the world participated in the survey. If you're a member of the industry or want to be, check out the average salaries.

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