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How to turn an 8-track into a speaker dock


I'm a fan of both silly iPod docks and re-purposing old tech gear, so this how-to at Unpluggd hit me in just the right spot. It's really more of a hack than a how-to -- the guy fixed his 8-track player just by replacing a corroded belt, and then used a cassette adapter to connect the 8-track to his iPod's audio output. But it does sound like a fun Saturday project, taking apart an old player, and the retro design of the thing is probably worth keeping around anyway.

The sound quality, as he says, is "interesting," too. But there are probably benefits -- disco just doesn't sound the same through a crystal clear set of speakers playing a digital file as it does going through the dusty old 8-track wires. The funkiness works, in this case.

[Via Cult of Mac]

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