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It's 5 PM ET. Come join us for TUAW TV Live... and bring popcorn


Join the festive, party-like atmosphere that is TUAW TV Live. Take your favorite beverage, a bowl of freshly popped popcorn, and your MacBook to the couch, and then join in on the fun as your host Steve Sande and a possible co-host bring merriment and mirth to your day.

We have lots to talk about, as usual, and it's easy for you to provide your input. If you're not familiar with our format, just click the "Read More" link below to bring up the video feed (it will show older episodes until we go live) and the chat screen. You can watch the amazingly life-like video, listen in on the audio, and then post questions or comments to the talking head(s) that you see on screen. Sometimes we even respond!

The fun starts at approximately 5 PM ET and lasts for about one hour.

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