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The Daily Grind: What's the MMO you played the longest?


We all may be MMO fiends, but there's always that one game that holds a special place in our hearts. A MMO that sucked away more of our lives than any other -- one that just really stands out from the pack. It's probably the game you had your first overnight bender on too. Or maybe it's the game where you spent 5 nights out of your week raiding with people you met online. Or maybe it's the game where you first hit the level cap. Or maybe you did all of those things!

Either way, today we want to know what that game was. Which MMO did you spend the most time on? Give us some details too, if you don't mind, and tell us why you stuck with that game so long. Community? Awesome content? First MMO?

Drop your answer into the comment box below. It hungers for your words.

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