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All about Castle Crashers Volleyball on PSN


The bad news: The Behemoth still hasn't nailed down a release date -- or even a release month -- for the PSN version of Castle Crashers (though it's still slated for this year). The good news: PlayStation 3 owners will be treated to some brand new content. Specifically, a recent entry on The Behemoth dev blog revealed that the PSN version of the game will feature a new volleyball mini-game. The mini-game will allow up to eight players (locally or online) to play a game of volleyball using any of a player's unlocked characters. It will feature new serve and spike moves and magic attacks that place one of eight status effects on the ball. The volleyball game will even include its own leaderboards.

Again, it's not much to dull the pain of waiting, but at least the PSN is getting something extra in the deal. Also, if it makes you feel any better, The Behemoth will be showing off Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater at PAX East next month.

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