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Hands-on: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor


Treasure can do no wrong in my book. (It's self-published and titled Treasure Only Makes Awesome Games.) Its successor to the great N64 import Sin and Punishment finally has a release date and apt subtitle for the States, Star Successor, and I can safely say that my playthrough of the game's first level today was nothing compared to this guy's. Buy hey, I'm not complaining. I got to play Sin and Punishment: Star Successor -- and it's sharp-looking, smooth-moving and brimming with bullets (both incoming and outgoing). My experience was much like the one JC had at E3 last year, only I suspect he wasn't playing with an extremely bright LED camera light channeling the intensity of the sun into his eyes.

I still managed to build up a respectable multiplier and not botch the timing of sending missiles back to their sender using my melee attack. That's worth something, right?

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