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Neil Young sees opportunity for ngmoco to be 'as meaningful as Electronic Arts,' still focusing on iPhone


Following up on the recent purchase of Freeverse by Neil Young's ngmoco, the ex-Electronic Arts exec spoke business with PocketGamer. Young's remarks ran the gamut, touching on subjects ranging from the possibility of expanding to other mobile platforms (spoilers: it ain't happening) to how he feels about the future of his still nascent dev house. "Our opportunity is to build a company in this space that's as meaningful, impactful and long lasting as Electronic Arts," the ngmoco head said.

And while he's still interested in the possible purchase of more studios ("We will continue to look for acquisitions that make sense at a studio or company level and acquisitions of applications."), he's still not committing to development for smartphones other than the iPhone. "The iPhone is in a strong leadership position ... I'd say that among the pack of competitors, Android is the furthest advanced but it remains significantly behind the iPhone and iPod touch ... for us the real focus is the iPhone OS," Young explained. We're not sure which parallel dimension's version of EA Mr. Young is comparing ngmoco to, but the EA we know makes its games for as many consoles as possible.

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