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Runes of Magic planning a Masked Ball to welcome spring

While the cold may still be lingering in many places around the globe, in the online lands of Taborea, spring has come. To celebrate, the folks at Runewaker Entertainment and Frogster Interactive are planning a fancy dress Masked Ball for all Runes of Magic players, and you're all invited!

The Masked Ball event is set to go live with the next content patch coming up in March. Players will be treated to lots of party-themed cake and fruit -- great for restoring health! There will also be the chance to get some special springtime goodies like ornamental masks and transformation potions through springtime daily quests and other party fun.

If you're curious for a sneak peek into the upcoming Masked Ball celebration, be sure to check out the gallery below. Perhaps we'll see you in Runes of Magic for the fun!

Gallery: Runes of Magic Masked Ball | 7 Photos

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