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DirecTV's new H24 HD receiver is one step closer to reality

Ben Drawbaugh

We got a taste of DirecTV's new multi-room nirvana at CES but while we wait there is a new HD receiver. The H24 can act as both an HD satellite receiver but although it looks the same it isn't the same as HD DVR thin client via MoCA and RVU we saw at CES. Our friend Doug at had a chance to play with it and shared a first look with the world. The little guy is considerably smaller than its predecessors, is faster, and has DirecTV's flavor of MoCA called DECA (DirecTV Ethernet Coaxial Adapter) baked in -- regular MoCA isn't compatible with satellite. With coax networking built in one wire is all you need to use it as an HD receiver or to access internet enabled feature without running a CAT5 or depending on WiFi. One other item of note is that the new version of the ugly, cheesy, DirecTV remote now programs itself, useful for your mom, but not for you Harmony loving types.

**UPDATE** The H24 will not be an RVU thin client, just a new HD reciever, so we updated the post for accuracy.

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