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For all your digital guitar playing cheat sheet needs, there's i-Tab

Ross Miller

Admit it, you're not really working remotely from home on a Friday. We know, you're sitting at home with your six strings of seduction jamming out to Ryan Adams albums. Well, just in case you need to clear some of that monitor space for actual work -- or a memory jolt during that gig you booked at the local cabana -- i-Tab's got you covered with what it's calling "the world's first electronic songbook." The 5-inch touchscreen clips to your guitar's headstock and serves as a reference guide for your cover song needs. It's got a built-in speaker, headphone jack, stylus, USB port, TV out for pseudo-karaoke stylings, and 4GB storage. Thirty songs are available from the get go, with more tabs (and audio backing tracks) available via its online store. Just the thing you need to kick up the jams? Word on the street it's coming in April for $199.

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