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Al Gore taunted at shareholders' meeting, gets 10k more options anyway


Last week in this post and last night during the talkcast, we mentioned that Apple's shareholders had passed on a sustainability proposal during last week's meeting (the first time in recent memory that Apple didn't go for stricter environmental standards), but apparently the shareholders weren't just against the proposal. At least one of them was openly heckling Al Gore about his work with the environment. Shelton Ehrlich (who apparently has a reputation among Apple shareholders as a conspiracy believer) stood up and called Gore a "laughingstock," railing against Gore's re-election to the board of directors. Good times -- we're sure Gore is used to dealing with controversies like that, but we wouldn't have expected it at the Apple shareholder meeting.

Still, that hasn't dissuaded him from working with the company -- according to an SEC filing, he also picked up another 10,000 stock options from Apple, netting him more than $227k according to Apple's current stock price. Good deal. At least one of Apple's shareholders isn't too happy with Gore's work for the environment, but the relationship between Gore and Apple seems like it's here to stay for a while.

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