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Archos Home Slate set to grace CeBIT with its family-friendly presence

Vlad Savov

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Watch out now, Archos is about to bestow a whole new category of electronic device upon us. It'll still be a tablet to the knowledgeable among us, but the rest of the world will know the Home Slate as an FDA -- a family digital assistant. Listed on CeBIT's exhibitor guide, this new multimedia player cum home organizer will offer WiFi connectivity and a web browser along with the usual suite of photo, video and music playback options. We'd heard earlier that Archos was planning new tablets aimed specifically at in-home use, and the A70HB model number here would suggest that this might be the rumored Archos 7 Android tablet pictured above. Whether it be 7 inches or 17, you can rest assured we'll be digging this up at CeBIT shortly to figure out if those family-assisting features are worthy of the highfalutin marketing that accompanies them.

[Thanks, David V.]

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