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Gigabyte T1000 takes a new twist on life with Atom N470 and a multitouch display

Joanna Stern

Ever get the feeling that what you see on paper just isn't going to be as good in person? That's sort of how we felt today when we stopped by Gigabyte's CeBIT booth to get a look at its newly announced T1000 netvertible. On the spec front the T1000 has everything we could possibly want in a netbook -- a new 1.83GHz Atom N470, 2GB of RAM, a chiclet keyboard and a 1366 x 768-resolution multitouch display -- but in our few minutes of use things were far from rainbows and butterflies. The resistive touch panel required a pretty firm press, and when in slate mode there's no buttons (or accelerometer) for rotating the device. While we liked the chiclet keyboard, we'll never understand why Gigabyte has kept the two mouse buttons on the sides of the touchpad. We realize that we may be jumping to conclusions too quickly here, so we'll let you decide for yourselves with the help of a short video after the break.

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