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Global Agenda to hold another developer chat

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

It's been about a month since Global Agenda launched, and overall player feedback is pretty positive. Hi-Rez wants to continue the open communication between the developer side and the player side, however, so they'll be holding another developer chat thanks to Vivox Voice chat for Facebook.

The chat is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 3, at 9pm US Eastern, 6pm US Pacific (02:00 GMT on Thursday, March 4), and Hi-Rez has a few tips for fans to get the most out of the event. First of all, there are 100 seats available, so if you decide to wander in five minutes after it starts to see what's going on, it's probably not going to happen for you. This isn't an invitation to go all Black Friday and start camping the room right this minute, but you do want to get there a bit early. If the room does fill up and you can't get in, never fear. The session will be recorded and posted as a podcast.

If you've got a question you want addressed, submit it in advance. To prevent general chaos and confusion, only the Global Agenda team will have access to the microphone during the event, so to speak. They'll only be answering questions submitted ahead of time.

Check out all the details on the event here, and enjoy the chat!

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