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Mysterious yellow and black cards lead to wild Nikon speculation

Darren Murph

You know what's black and yellow all over, fits in the average mailbox and gets the imaginations of camera junkies running wild? These cards, that's what. Over the past few days, mysterious cards have begun to arrive in the hands of Nikon users, and while the company's name is nowhere to be found, the colors and hints are starting to build a case for something new. It seems a countdown from 8 has begun, with the first card stating "I am..." and the second "I am fun...." In case you weren't aware, Nikon has yet to dabble in the Micro Four Thirds world (or even hint at a competitor like Samsung's NX range), but whispers of a so-called EVIL lineup have been building steam. Nikon aficionados have pointed out that the countdown will end just prior to a UK press meeting on March 8th, which could very well mean that an all-new compact is just days away from being properly revealed. Or it could be nothing at all. Keep your expectations low -- it's better to be pleasantly surprised than deflated and alone, right?

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