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RIM dev webinar hints at BlackBerry OS of the future?

Chris Ziegler

See that Storm-esque device there? You may have noticed that the home screen looks positively nothing like the experience you're used to -- and that's because it's not. Shown off as part of a slide deck in RIM's "Super Apps" webinar for developers last week, the company's official explanation is that this is a pure, off-the-cuff mockup, not indicative of anything they're working on for future devices or releases of BlackBerry OS. To be fair, when you take the shot in context with the bullet points and the fact that this presentation was geared squarely at devs, we can imagine that they really were just using it to get folks' creative juices flowing -- but it makes you wonder, doesn't it? There's enough active and location-aware content here to make even a heavily-widgeted Android home screen drool, so seriously, why not do this in 6.0, RIM?

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