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Rumor: Apple prepping HDMI Macs


The picture above comes from AppleInsider, who are claiming that Apple is about to release a Mac mini with an HDMI port in place of the current DVI connector. And that sound you just heard was hundreds of thousands of mini-based entertainment center owners everywhere crying out in excitement, as a mini equipped with HDMI would be helpful indeed -- not only would it be super easy to hook your mini (and any other Macs that were granted the compatibility) up to any HDMI-equipped TV, but you'd be able to send sound, too, in just one easy cable rather than trying to work out separate solutions for both video and audio. The rumor's a little far fetched (AppleInsider only cites "sources," and we all know how reliable those can be), but still, it would be nice.

AI also claims that Apple is working on a proprietary adapter for DisplayPort-to-HDMI connections, since space is currently at a premium on other Macs and MacBooks. That would be a real shakeup -- it would eradicate the current market of third-party adapters at the very least. And they'd have to update the DisplayPort technology to include audio, so any HDMI adapter could run audio out as well. We'll see -- hold off on purchases for now, but know that Apple may be headed to HDMI-ville sooner rather than later.

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