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SSDs gone wild at CeBIT: Plextor reveals its first, Xtreem-S1 peeks out and OCZ teases external Enyo USB 3.0

Darren Murph

Man, it's been a white hot minute since we've heard the good word from Plextor. Today, all that changes. After sticking to the relatively boring optical media market for years, said outfit has finally realized that there's money to be made in flash storage. The PX-64M1S (64GB) and the PX-128M1S (128GB) are the company's first-ever SSDs, both of which arrive in 2.5-inch form factors and use an integrated SATA II interface. As for transfers, you'll see sequential read rates as high as 110MB/sec and 130MB/sec, while sequential write rates hit 65MB/sec and 70MB/sec (respectively in both cases). Both units can be snapped up now for $225 (64GB) / $400 (128GB). In related news, OCZ is using CeBIT as a springboard for the launch of its external Enyo USB 3.0 SSD; unfortunately, details surrounding capacity, price and pretty much anything else are being left out, but you can bet we'll be hounding its booth representatives for those and reporting back. Finally, Team Xtreem is dishing out a 250GB Xtreem-S1 SSD with a Sandforce processor and read / write rates of around 260MB/sec, though models will be available in 60GB and 120GB as well. Peek the source links for all the nitty-gritty details, and stay tuned for more from Hannover.

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