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Telltale aiming for new franchises, 'more topical' content


Speaking to Develop, Telltale CEO Dan Connors had some good news for episodic adventure fans. After noting that Telltale has grown significantly over the last few years, Connors stated that the company is currently "looking to engage more franchises, including those that are more topical and relevant in the current entertainment world." He added that Telltale wants to "work with great characters to tell great stories," and believes that it can target new audiences by "creating interactive versions of the worlds, characters and stories that they love." As an example, he asks what a Sopranos game would look like, saying, "How can you pull those fans into the interactive world?"

Connors made similar statements last year, and it certainly seems that Telltale is looking to expand further into creating games based on popular programming, akin to its CSI: Deadly Intent. It actually sounds like a pretty good idea, especially given the preponderance of mystery-oriented shows out there these days. But just imagine all the completely inappropriate shows that could get the Telltale treatment. Two and a Half Men, The Tyra Show, Perfect Strangers.

Wait, that last one is actually perfect. Someone make that game right now.

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