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Alganon moves to a "subscription free" model

Eliot Lefebvre

We've just hit the four-month mark from the launch of Alganon, but it turns out that Quest Online has been paying more attention to their business model than was externally apparent. The game is moving from its current subscription-based model to a "subscription free" setup immediately, changing up a number of elements of the game in an effort to stay competitive. As the official announcement takes pains to point out, they have no desire to make the game completely free-to-play, which means that the game will retain its cover price, but there will be no subsequent fee for play.

Similar to Dungeons and Dragons Online, the game will be converted to using an item shop complete with various items, as well as the option to speed up the game's Study system substantially. Customers who have already pre-paid for subscriptions will be given a certain amount of currency for the item shop as a payback, as well as having their accounts given a special "Citizen" status as a show of good faith. The release also sets the game's "official" release as April 8th, an odd move to be certain. Alganon is making some large-scale changes, so take a look at the full press release for more information.

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