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Live from TiVo's 'one box' press event


We're here at TiVo's press event, taking place in a pretty swanky spot atop Rockefeller Center. CEO Tom Rogers just got up on stage and is about to drop some knowledge! Follow us after the break for live updates.

7:27PM And that's it! Jack calls it his "favorite product ever." We're going to go find out for ourselves with some hands-on time.

7:24PM "But celebrities don't have to wait until April, do they?" Jack's pushing his luck!

7:24PM There's also an XL version with a full terabyte of storage for $499.99.

7:24PM Taking orders tomorrow, March 3rd, priced at $299.99. Available at retail early April.

7:23PM Tom's back. TiVo is also partnering with Virgin Media in the UK.

7:22PM Converged cable and VoD on the TiVo box. Will be rolling out in 2nd quarter to all of RCN's markets. "Better than FiOS, and miles ahead of Time Warner Cable."

7:21PM RCN is in NY, DC, Chicago, etc. They claim to be the first to brand "triple play," though they didn't brand it. "Merging cable, VoD and broadband" with TiVo Premiere.

7:20PM "We want to bring this product to our customers. We'll be one of the first large cables providers to introduce it to our customers."

7:18PM Bringing up RCN, a partner, to talk about the "strategic direction for cable."

7:18PM Now it's time to diss regular cable boxes.

7:17PM Partnership with Best Buy for retail -- which is becoming such a trend that it's hardly an announcement these days.

7:15PM There will also be a USB Wireless N WiFi adapter.

7:13PM Goes on to describe Bluetooth connection, text input... and Tom has an answer to his dreams! TiVo is building a QWERTY slide-out Bluetooth TiVo Remote

7:13PM Jack: This is so perfect, if only I could find a compact peanut shaped remote...

7:12PM "We really think what we have done is created the one box solution."

7:11PM This is a "whole new way to think about the settop box," thanks to it being built on Flash. 3rd party apps, user apps, "critically important to making use of what is now a very active developer commmunity that has no way of interacting with a settop."

7:10PM There's also Rhapsody integration, along with the all-new addition of Pandora!

7:08PM The "My Shows" interface displays the amount of hard drive remaining. Once you jump into episode you can jump into a YouTube search for related videos, along with other related infos. Jack says that if you search his name on YouTube some "nasty stuff comes up... spring break 2008, y'all!" Someone's clearly in character!

7:04PM We're still on search. Jack asks to "get to the meat," and shows as the #2 "Jack M" on the search results. You can also sort by awards, like the Oscars and Emmys.

7:00PM Tom calls "Marriage Ref" the first time a television program has been designed to be fast forward in order to make it to the commercials quickly. Burrrrn!

7:00PM Using pop culture references you can track down that movie you're looking for, which TiVo dubs "six degrees of Kevin Bacon."

6:59PM You can search and sort be season, episode, cast... Jack's a fan.

6:58PM Presents the search window in three columns. Not really blowing us away here, but looks nice.

6:57PM Starting with search. Lists most likely results the user is looking for. Type a 3 and 30 Rock, followed by 300 the film, are the first thing to hit.

6:55PM There will be "Discovery Bar" recommendations, which will become increasingly customized over time.

6:55PM "Will it still go 'bloop bloop bloop'?" asks Jack.

6:53PM Heavy emphasis on on-demand content. Amazon, Netflix, Blockbuster.

6:53PM Introducing "TiVo Premiere"

6:51PM Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock is here, stepping on all of Tom Roger's lines.

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