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Logitech 600 and 650 remotes bring Harmony for under $100

Tim Stevens

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Logitech's most recent offerings in the Harmony line, the 900 and the 700, were much more affordable than the $500 touchscreen Harmony 1100 we reviewed last year, but neither crossed beneath the magical $100 threshold. Finally Logitech has a few new models that'll set you back less than a Benjamin, the $79 Harmony 600 and $99 Harmony 650, said to be shipping by the end of the month. Both share the same shape as the 700 but have been gimped somewhat to control a maximum of five devices -- a curious step back from the 700's six. Likewise the 600 offers only monochrome screen while the 650 offers color, but given your dog's lack of chromatic acuity he'll be perfectly content chewing on either.

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