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Baseball season is almost here (Spring training starts this week), and with it comes a brand new version of Major League Baseball's great iPhone app. At Bat 2010 is out now on the App Store, and for $14.99, you get the same great app you bought last year: live scores, streaming audio of all the games around the league, and available video of games via an in-app purchase.

There's no lite version yet, but last year MLB released a free version sans audio and video, so if you just want the scores, you can wait and see when that one shows up.

Meanwhile, if you want official baseball info beamed straight to your phone all year long, this app is the way to go. While there are definitely lots of other apps that will hook you up with scores and alerts for a much cheaper price, the MLB app is a quality way to get information straight from the league. Especially if you're going to be following baseball closely all year, the $15, while steep for an iPhone app, is definitely worth it. Personally, I can't wait for this season to start. Play ball!

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