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Ride dev Robomodo sucked into parallel dimension, increases staff

Justin McElroy

Tragic news today as we report that, due to the detonation of a hydrogen bomb on a weird island in 1977, Tony Hawk Ride developer Robomodo has shifted sideways into a reality running parallel to our own. We may not have all the details, but we've got all the evidence we need here in this Gamasutra article.

As you know, here in our reality, Tony Hawk Ride was a poorly-received, overpriced game and peripheral that moved only 114,000 units during its first month at retail. In this parallel world though, the studio calls the game "high-selling" and is looking to actually increase its staff by as much as 17 percent in the near future for upcoming projects "across all platforms." The developer added that, at least in its dimension, its debut game is "very compelling."

You know, maybe it's not so tragic, after all. As near as we can tell, Robomodo and Ride may be better off in this other reality. Perhaps it's best if we just let them be.

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