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Stadium Events auction hits an unbelievable $800K


First, a mom hit the jackpot when one of the random games she was selling with an old NES turned out to be Bandai's super-rare Stadium Events, which went on eBay for $13.105. Following the excitement about that auction, someone else sold their sealed copy of the NES exercise game (which you've most likely played under its other name, World Class Track Meet) for a staggering $41,300. And then it got ridiculous.

Seller acuraboi12's sealed Stadium Events reached a high bid of $800,200. Unfortunately for acuraboi12, we doubt that's anything but a joke bid. We may be in the midst of an odd Stadium Events gold rush, but that is beyond excessive, considering that the previous $41,300 was the highest known price commanded by an NES game to date. Not even Bubble Bath Babes could command $800k, and it's got nudity.

[Thanks, NiteOwl]

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