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Apogee and Icarus Studios resurrect Sam Suede [update]


Apogee and Icarus Studios have announced a new "action comedy" game called Sam Suede in Undercover Exposure. No platforms were noted, but Icarus's past developments have all been PC-based (with the exception of Dexter on iPhone). In fact, nothing at all was said about the content of the game other than the title and a characterization as a "comedic twist on the action-adventure genre."

If the title sounds familiar, you're probably an adventure game nerd. Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe was working on a game with the exact same title, which was cancelled in 2006 when developer iBase Entertainment shut down. The fact that a new company has announced that it will complete the title should be encouraging to Lowe fans -- but the fact that the legendary Sierra game designer's name is mentioned nowhere in the announcement is probably not so encouraging.

Update: Al Lowe told Big Download that "This is the first I've heard of it," wondering "who's going to finish the design and add the humor?"

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