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iLuv iPhone dock includes "bed shaker"

Sang Tang

The iLuv iMM178 shares a lot in common with many iPod docks available in the market today:

  • Play and charge your iPhone or iPod -- check.
  • Alarm clock scheduling based on full-week, weekdays and weekends -- check.
  • Alarm clock with customizable sounds -- check.
  • Alarm clock that vibrates to wake you up -- wait, did I read that wrong, or did that say that this alarm clock will vibrate to wake me up?

That's right, folks. The iLuv iMM178 (couldn't they have thought of a more friendly name?) is equipped with a corded "bed shaker" that, as its name suggests, will vibrate in tandem with your alarm. As the iLuv iMM178 wakes you up to The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations," it can also literally give you some good vibrations of its own with its bed shaker. iLuv suggests that the bed shaker be placed underneath your pillow.

In addition to these niceties, the iLuv iMM178 also plays FM radio, and has a time sync feature that reconciles time between it and your iPhone or iPod.

iLuv's website lists the iMM178 at US$99.99, where it's available for purchase.

Alternatively, you can improve your sleep habits with Sleep Cycle (available for $0.99), a bio-alarm clock iPhone app that analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you when you are in the lightest sleep phase.

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