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Halo Reach Beta trailer shows jet packs, assassinations [update]

Justin McElroy

Huh? What do you think you're doing? You're reading a post that has "shows jet packs" in the headline? When you know that there's a Halo Reach beta trailer (initially leaked by a Taiwanese site called GNN) right after the break? We're just going to assume you've already watched it, because any other scenario speaks ill of your mental stability.

That said ... DUDE! Jet packs! Assassinations! Load outs! New modes! The only feature Bungie forgot to list that was also included in the trailer? Like 50 million boners. Why don't you start digging through the clip and let us know in the comments what else you can find?

Update: We've replaced the leaked video that was posted after the break with the now officially released trailer above and added one new piece of art in the gallery below. Good news: The trailer's still got jet packs!

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