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Macheist arrives. Again.


The latest MacHeist countdown has finished and, after a few tense moments as they got their ducks in a row last night, the new bundle is ready for sale.

This year's "nano bundle" includes the following apps at an incredible discount:

  1. MacJournal
  2. RipIt
  3. Clips
  4. CoverScout
  5. Flow
  6. Tales of Monkey Island
  7. Rapidweaver
That's more than US$260 worth of software for a mere twenty bucks. Note that Tales of Monkey Island and Rapidweaver are the "Unlock Apps." That is to say, they'll become available once certain sales milestones have been reached; Monkey Island will go on sale once 50,000 bundles have been sold, and Rapidweaver after that.

I tend to buy software as I need it or as I realize that I've been using it for a while without sending off some cash to the developer. When participating in these "event" sales, I tend to forget that I ever downloaded the stuff, often being surprised at finding the software thus acquired in my /Applications folder. Your mileage will, of course, vary. For some of you out there in reader-land, this bundle may turn out to be the best thing since, I dunno, sliced bread or Wheatabix or citizen band radios or whatever, for you.

So if you're a bundle kind of person, Woo Hoo! The stuff is here (or at least, nearly here.) Here's hoping there are some goodies for you, this go 'round that will enhance your day-to-day Mac use and bring some joy into your software life.

Via our Christina W., whom we miss

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