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Motorola Backflip, DEXT, and Quench all inbound for Canada in the first half of the year

Chris Ziegler

Without naming names, Motorola's Canadian outpost dropped some teasers today that versions of all three of its midrange Blur-powered Android handsets for GSM networks -- the Backflip, DEXT, and Quench -- will be coming to the country in the first half of 2010. What's more, they'll be hitting "all three national wireless carriers" -- a little bit of a slap for Mobilicity and WIND, yes, but generally good news for the overwhelming majority of subscribers. Perhaps the most interesting bit here is that they've called out the DEXT by name, continuing Moto's tradition of going with European branding over American for its Canadian launches, a trend started by Telus' Milestone. We don't yet know which carrier will get which phone, what they'll retail for, or precisely when they'll be on shelves, but needless to say, the Google-powered situation north of the border just got a whole lot prettier.

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