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New DirecTV TiVo will be based on the old TiVo interface

Ben Drawbaugh

Well isn't this a kick in the head -- first TiVo fans who subscribe to DirecTV were left high and dry years ago and now if it is actually released this Spring it'll have been almost two years since the two companies announced they'd join forces once again. As if all that waiting wasn't bad enough, these same fans were probably excited to see the new TiVo user interface -- even if they weren't excited about anything else -- only to hear Tom Rogers tell Light Reading that "Their [DirecTV's] next implementation of us is not going to have this look and feel. It's based on the classic TiVo." Oh man are you kidding? Rogers did say that a new tru2way version of the new look would be available in the future and that Comcast has already shown interest. And for those who think $300 is still too much for a DVR, Rogers confirms that "We don't make money on hardware. Hardware is really a way for us to get out our user experience."

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