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One Shots: I can see my house from here

Space holds many mysteries -- and just as many beautiful sights -- as one might well expect. Add to it the lore of Star Trek, and one can understand why many players can't resist the call of Star Trek Online. Today's exhilarating One Shots from orbit comes to us from occasional contributor Jose A. (aka Pontifax in LotRO, aka Spoket in STO) who caught this great image while out exploring. Since his note is long we'll remind you that if you'd like to participate, just email your screenshots to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the name of the game, and a note. That said, on with his letter -- be sure to read the rest behind the break!

When people jump inside Star Trek Online the first thing they do is to head out to the infinite galaxies looking for the fantastic scenery Cryptic Studios setup for the game.

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I've been in awe with so many inspiring landscapes. Having previously done some in-world-photography in LotRO, is good to be able to do the same in STO, and you can bet I'll be doing some... much more. In fact having been playing only for a couple of days I've already amassed a lot of fantastic views -- even more fantastic because I've a 30 " screen to gaze into. It's almost like being there.

Now, while looking away to the stars is a good thing, [I wanted to] try to get back to Earth and circle it, [so as] to get such fantastic vistas as this one, taken over Southern Europe. Great stuff that makes you click away like mad. Sometimes you even forget that there's a battle up there, waiting for you.... Ahhh, beam me up Scotty.

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