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The Engadget app for BlackBerry gets updated to 1.0.1


Hey BlackBerry friends -- we've got some news for you. The Engadget application (which is also available for the iPhone / iPod touch and webOS devices) has gone and gotten itself a little update on RIM's platform. It's nothing crazy, but we've made some bug fixes, and more importantly, added support for 5.0 devices (Bold, Curve, and Tour)! The devs also thoughtfully included keyboard shortcuts (T, B, N, P, and the spacebar) in this version for your convenience. All you have to do to get your hands on this baby is point your phone's browser to our download page, or if you've already got the app installed, it should prompt you for an update automatically next time you open it. Storm users -- we are working on a version for you as well, and everyone who is curious about the Android app: you should see it released this month!

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