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Trickster Online Revolution kicks off two new in-game events

Tricksters! There are new games afoot for you to take part in across Caballa Island, just perfect for those of you who love nothing more than to uncover secrets in Trickster Online Revolution. The team at Ntreev has lined up two games -- the Lucky 13 challenge, and the Megalo Snipe Hunt GM event -- to bring even more excitement to the game.

The Lucky 13 event will start March 4th and run until March 17th, offering players a chance to level up their unrefined equipment and win prizes like Gacha coins, GM pets, and even posters of new Trickster Online Revolution art with GM signatures. Three lucky winners from this first in-game event will also be picked to get 50,000 points for use in the game. The GM event will involve a hunt for disguised GMs all over the game world, and promises to net players all manner of goodies like GM disguise kits, Chaos Feather Random boxes, and other fun things.

It certainly sounds like the spirit of the Trickster games are alive and well in the Ntreev team, so if it's been a while since you've logged in and spent some time in the world, you'll want to make sure your client is all patched up and ready to go on the 4th. If you've never stepped foot in Trickster Online Revolution, be sure to check out our First Impressions posting about it, and see if it sounds like a free-to-play game you might find fun.

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