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Android 2.1 looking fast, furious on Motorola Droid

Chris Ziegler

Alright, Droid owners, decent multitouch performance isn't the only thing you've got to brag about. As you likely know by now, 2.1's in the works for you -- and from the latest video we're seeing of an official test build running in the wild, we're cautiously optimistic that it's going to be a fantastic little update. As we'd reported some time back, the Nexus One's revamped app launcher is missing, but multitouch appears to work like butter in both the browser and revamped Gallery app and the new news and weather widgets have made the cut as well. Most notable, though, might simply be the fact that everything flies -- home screen switches, opening of the app drawer, zooming, it's all mega-fast. Granted, anyone with an Android device knows that the speed of the device depends on the number of apps you've got running, the moon phase, and the direction of the wind, but it's an encouraging sign nonetheless. Now if only Moto would stop fumbling the launch, we'd be good to go; in the meantime, though, check some video of the update after the break.

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