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Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition includes 3D glasses

Justin McElroy

If you were planning to ignore the Batman: Arkham Asylum "Game of the Year Edition" (perhaps you're still stinging from the disappointing collector's release) you may not want to stop caring just yet. While we're unexcited by the promise of "six additional maps" on the disc (there are six available for download at the moment -- we have to assume those are the same ones), we're intrigued by CVG's report that the box will include special glasses for use with a newly added TriOviz 3D effect.

The TriOviz tech, if you're unfamiliar, works with regular HD and SD sets, and doesn't rely on red and blue lenses, meaning colors are preserved. We'd love to give it a shot, but not so much that we'd re-buy Arkham Asylum to do so. Here's hoping there's a way for us early adopters to check out this new dimension of institutional insanity.

[Update: Sadly, it sounds like this isn't gliding into North America.]

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