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IGN: Six Days in Fallujah complete, awaiting release [update: it's true!]


Update: An Atomic Games representative got back to us this afternoon and said, "Yes, IGN did talk to somebody, we can't say who, but they did talk to someone. From what I understand that person did say that the game is finished and coming out. What I have for information is the game is still going to be coming out. 'Cause we have a game coming out first, we'll be working on that before Six Days in Fallujah. But yes it's finished. That doesn't mean there won't be new features, and new technology incorporated into the game engine." We'll be speaking with Atomic Games later in the month regarding the game, so keep an eye on the site in the coming weeks for more information.

According to IGN, "a source close to the game's development" at Atomic Games confirmed that the studio's controversial FPS, Six Days in Fallujah (based on the real-life Battle of Fallujah), is not just "coming out," but also "finished." There is no clear declaration whether or not Atomic has acquired a new publisher for the title after Konami dropped it last year, nor is there any information on a possible release date.

When last we heard from studio head Peter Tamte back in October, he was still saying his company "remains committed" to the eventual release of Six Days in Fallujah. We've contacted the developer to confirm the anonymous source's claims and will let you know if we hear anything back -- but don't hold your breath.

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