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Kingston trumpets ultra-low voltage HyperX DDR3 memory

Darren Murph

It may not mean much to your grandmother, but performance hounds are sure to jump all over this one. Kingston has just rolled out a few new slices of DIMM deliciousness, and it's claiming that the new HyperX DDR3 modules are the world's fastest low-voltage memory sticks. The dual-channel kit ships with two XMP-ready profiles already baked in, with the 1.35 volts at 1866MHz being hailed as "a world's first for speed matching higher frequency with a lower voltage." All told, the company is debuting a trio of products in the LoVo line -- the dual-profile kit, a mainstream low voltage 1600MHz, 1.35 volt kit and an ultra-low voltage 1333MHz, 1.25 volt kit. -- and you can pick 'em up soon in 4GB bundles for between $154 to $203. These guys did, and they're stoked.

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