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MadWorld for an insanely low $10


Look, we don't like giving out ultimatums here; people are free to do what they want and we wouldn't dare dream of interfering. But we feel like we just can't go on if you don't own a copy of Platinum Games' MadWorld -- or have at least played it -- at this point in time.

So, we'd like to point out this sale over at Newegg. The game will only set you back a double sawbuck ($10) and even has free shipping -- there's really no excuse for you to refuse our request. Fine, you don't even have to play it. Just give it to a friend and hang out while they enjoy the over-the-top carnage and hilarious commentating duo of Greg Proops and John Di Maggio. Relationships are give and take, so work with us here, guys!

[Via Cheap College Gamers]

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