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Mega Man 10 launch event this Sunday at Nintendo World NYC


Even with staggered March release, Mega Man 10 still a Wii exclusive for another week. By that logic, it makes perfect sense that Capcom would hold a launch event this Sunday for the game at the Nintendo World Story in NYC -- almost a week after its WiiWare release.

If you're on the island of Manhattan this weekend, head on over to the Nintendo World Store near 30 Rock at 11AM for swag -- wait, not swag. You'll have to purchase a 2,000 point Wii card and Capcom will give you a T-shirt. The store will also give out posters with a purchase -- not of the game, of course, because that's only available online. So, let's get this straight: this post-launch event will sell a T-shirt with purchase of something that Mega Man fans would have needed last week. Do we have that right? Hey, at least the fans can use those points on the incoming DLC.

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