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Engadget Mobile Podcast 038 - 03.05.2010

Trent Wolbe

Nurons, Sliders, Backflips, Partners,'s all a blur to us by now. One thing we do remember is that we play our own little version of Judge Judy as Nilay Patel assumes his permanent role as the Bruce Willis of Analyzing the HTC-Apple Suit. Or something.

Hosts: Chris Ziegler, Sean Cooper
Special Guest: Nilay Patel
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Daestro - Light Powered (Ghostly International)

00:02:18 - Nokia 5230 Nuron excites the T-Mobile nervous system
00:12:56 - Nokia C5 arrives with S60 3rd edition OS pretending to be a 'smartphone'
00:20:45 - Nokia's Series 40 to 'offer a compelling touch experience'
00:23:42 - Exclusive: First Windows Phone 7 Series partner device unveiled (with video!)
00:36:46 - BlackBerry slider photos leak out!
00:43:56 - Motorola Backflip for AT&T unboxing and hands-on
00:55:32 - Palm's webOS 1.4 emerges: screenshots galore
01:00:00 - Palm boss Rubinstein sends letter to employees, talks turnaround
01:06:47 - Apple sues HTC for infringing 20 iPhone patents
01:15:17 - Apple specifically going after Android in HTC lawsuit

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