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Found Footage: Dalek controlled by iPhone accelerometer


Self-respecting science fiction fans will remember the Daleks. They're the mutant alien villains from the Doctor Who television series with armored casing, warbling voices and a penchant for extermination.

Steve at BotBuilder is a fellow fan who combined his love of sci-fi and bots into the iPhone-controlled Dalek you see above. In what he calls "a cool and ultimately pointless experiment," Steve uses the iPhone to send messages to the board in the Dalek over Wi-Fi which, in turn, operate servos and lights up LEDs. The cool part is that he can move the bot about using the iPhone's accelerometer.

This isn't the first iPhone-powered remote control device we've seen of course (The Parrot AR.Drone was clearly our favorite), but it delights us as Dr. Who fans. Well done, Steve!

[Via Cult Of Mac]

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