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Motorola's Android-powered iDEN device to be called i1?

Chris Ziegler

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Alright, pardon our conjecture here, but we think we're on to something. A Motorola just flew through FCC certification with ID IHDP56KV1 and model name "i1" featuring iDEN plus Bluetooth 2.1 and WiFi -- in other words, this'll almost certainly be coming to Sprint Direct Connect. Remember that rumored Opus One with Android for iDEN? Yeah, well, "i1" is a pretty notable, stand-out model name if you ask us -- and it's not every day that you see an iDEN device with WiFi, suggesting this'll be a smartphone. Do a little hand-waving and liberal dot-connecting and you have a reasonable assumption that the Opus One will be coming to market as the i1 -- and with FCC certification under their belt, Moto might introduce it sooner rather than later. CTIA later this month, perhaps?

Source: FCC
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