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Phat Loot Phriday: Wind Rider Cub


Lolegolas the Gnomekiller lounged next to the lumber mill in Arathi Basin. His sinewed arms lovingly stroked his bow. As he traced the intricately decorated shaft, Lolegolas reflected on his good fortune in possessing such a wonderful weapon. The Njordnar Bone Bow was a tool for the clever Sindorei, a proud weapon earned in proud combat.

The blood elf snapped to attention as two Alliance dogs approached the Horde's lumber mill. A mage and a druid. Acting quickly, Lolegolas summoned the ancient wisdom of elder
hunters and dropped to the ground. With a fake, plaintive cry, he played dead.

The Alliance bought the ruse! Quickly taking advantage of this opportunity, Lolegolas leaped from the ground, his golden hair floating in the air like a Maybelline commercial. With unmatched skill and unparalleled daring, the hunter summoned the Beast Within and killed the Alliance
mage in one shot. The druid -- a female Night Elf -- turned to stare at Lolegolas, her blue eyes flashing in rage and anger. She raised her hands to cast a vile, heathen spell, no doubt its power oozing from the reprehensible Elune. Lolegolas cursed as he felt his entire body suddenly become rigid and hard. He was trapped!

druid took a few steps to our hero, her face split in a feral snarl. Then, suddenly, a miniscule growl came from the ground behind the druid. She turned to look behind her, her face broke into a huge smile. A tiny wind rider cub sat on the ground, occasionally standing to wiggle its butt as if it would playfully leap at the Night Elf.

"Oh my god, you guys!" she yelled. "Look how cute!"

Lolegolas summoned the last vestiges of his will. "Percy," he said, forcing the words over his lips with great concentration. "

The wind rider cub attacked the Alliance druid without mercy. To this day, Lolegolas still wakes late at night, shuddering from the nightmare memory. They're small, he thinks to himself. But fierce.

The wind rider cub and gryphon hatchling plushies are hitting the ground all over the world, and worming their way into the hearts of WoW fans both in-game and out-of-game. Of course, the plushies come with what might be the coolest loot in the game: a new vanity pet to ride at your side. The wind rider cub probably won't actually kill enemy druids on your behalf. But I really like to pretend that my little buddy is a fierce warrior waiting to be let off its chain, so that it can tear into the Alliance with heretofore unseen violence.

Don't forget our Plushie Photo Contest ends on March 10th. Take some time over the weekend to get a great pictures of your plushie and see if you can't win your friend a prize!

Name: Wind Rider Cub
Type: Pet
  • Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
How to get it: Buy a Wind Rider Cub from the Blizzard store!
How to get rid of it: It becomes a spell, there is no item to sell or delete. And if you have tried to do so, you are a cold, heartless person.

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