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Bad news: HTC says the Nexus One doesn't 'go in pockets'


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One of the biggest mysteries in the blogosphere right now is probably Crave's Nexus One, which somehow developed a cracked screen while simply charging on the desk (sounds familiar, right?). Not even HTC could unearth the cause from its forensic inspection, but it didn't rule out the possibility of a small crack growing over time due to, for example, "getting knocked around by keys" and repetitive squeezes in tight pockets. That's fine, but saying "people sometimes forget that they don't go in pockets" is surely stretching a bit, no? What happened to the awesomeness in the compression test and bend test that we once witnessed? More importantly, has anyone here had the same baffling screen problem and been charged £180 ($273) for the repair? If so, do share your pain with us -- we've got a shoulder for you.

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