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Aliens vs. Predator's first DLC revealed as 4-map pack


This morning, Sega announced that the first DLC add-on for Aliens vs. Predator will be a four-pack of multiplayer maps -- the same four maps that came included in the European Collector's Edition of the game. Specifically, Europeans will be able to pick up "Docks" and "Machine" (the regular multiplayer maps) and "Outpost" and "Hive" (the Survival Mode maps) as a set for 560 ($7), according to the Sega of Europe website. (Sega of America told us that there will be more info on the North American release this week.)

Unfortunately, no firm release date has been given, though the map pack is said to arrive "shortly" for all three platforms. And yeah, we're also hoping this isn't the only AvP DLC that Sega's putting out "soon after release."

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